Eco Funerals

All of our funerals are now carbon neutral.

Since our foundation we have been focused on reducing the environmental impact of our company and the funerals we conduct. 

We are pleased to be moving forward towards our NetZero plans and have partnered with eTrees Carbon Offsetting to ensure every funeral we are instructed for is completely carbon neutral. 

There are however other options available to reduce the initial impact of a funeral, essentially placing our funerals into a carbon positive.

Other ways to limit environmental impact

Planting additional trees
Each tree can offset approximately 0.3 - 1 tonne of carbon across its lifetime.
Making funeral arrangements digitally
We have a fully interactive digital brochure and our team have experience in online video meetings through Teams, Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts.
Communicate with us digitally
By communicating with us via telephone, email or online video chat it reduces the carbon emissions created by travelling.
Go paperless
We are now able to offer a completely paperless option. By removing the amount of paper we use, we are helping the world's reforestation projects.
Coffin options
We have carefully partnered with coffin manufacturers who share our focus on the environment. We have options for environmentally friendly fibreboard, sustainable willow and bamboo and natural wool coffins.
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Natural burial grounds
For many years we have worked with local natural burial grounds who ensure that strict guidelines are met to limit the impact on the natural environment.
Floral tributes
Making simple changes to your floral tributes can have a significant effect of its environmental impact. A hand tied sheaf or single stem flowers remove the need to use plastic trays and oasis.
Virtual attendance
Nearly all crematoria now offer live webcasting of a service, and we can arrange a similar service for locations such as burial grounds and churches. Again, this will help reduce the impact of people's travel to and from