Green Funeral

Limit the environmental impact – £2495

A green funeral is designed to limit the environmental impact a funeral has on our surroundings. The local natural burial sites have guidelines in place to ensure their natural surroundings are kept fresh and flourishing. The grounds are extremely well managed to create a place of peace and serenity.

With our expert knowledge of coffin materials and construction methods along with the most environmentally friendly products used during the care of your loved one, we can guide you in the best way to limit any negative impact caused on the environment.


This includes the expert advice and guidance of an experienced Funeral Director from the initial arrangements through to, and beyond, the day of the cremation. The completion of all administrative duties and arrangement of third party companies, including organisation and all necessary paperwork.

Conveyance and care of your loved one.

This is our focus for your loved one. We will convey them into our care within 15 miles of one of our funeral homes, in a specially equipped private ambulance. They will remain in our care until the day of the funeral service and you will be communicated with every step of the way. During their time with us, we will ensure the upmost dignity is provided in their preparation and dressing in their own clothes. Our private chapel of rest is available should you wish to visit them.

A traditional hearse and four coffin bearers.

On the day of the funeral, your loved one will travel in a traditional black hearse and carried, subject to safety, by four professional coffin bearers.

The coffin selection.

An environmentally friendly cardboard coffin is supplied with this service. Alternative eco options include an Iris Willow coffin (additional £400) or a Somerset Willow coffin (additional £600).

Our full range of coffins are available to you however we will advise you on the environmental impact of each one and whether they will be accepted by the burial site.

Likely Third Party Costs

 As natural burial grounds’ and cemetery fees differ, we are unable to account for these costs in the funeral package. There are generally fees for the interment, grave purchase and a grave marker.

Additional costs could include:

Church fees, cemetery surcharges for non-residents, floral tributes, newspaper obituaries, orders of service.

Our tried and trusted natural burial sites include:

Westall Park Natural Burial Ground

Family owned and run by Amy Tolley, located in Inkberrow between Worcester and Redditch.

This open park land is a quiet and peaceful location to lay a loved one to rest.            

01386 792806

Humber Woodland of Remembrance

Located in Risbury, Leominster.

Offers green burials in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, surrounded by wildflowers, trees and wonderful views.

This beautiful site is run by Diane and Robert Thomas, together with their children Richard and Lizzie.         

01568 760443