Modern Funeral Service

£1095 – No Mileage Charge – Nationwide Service

An attended, simple cremation service

A modern funeral is a mixture between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral. It has the bare essentials needed for a cremation but you are able to attend the service as a normal funeral with someone to lead the service and additional options.

So how is this simplified from a traditional service?

Firstly the big difference is the use of a private ambulance to transport your loved one rather than a hearse. We would arrive at the crematorium before you and place your loved one in the chapel ready for the service. As well as reducing the cost element of a hearse this new option reduces the formality of a traditional funeral.

The service can still be lead by a religious minister or funeral celebrant and we are on hand to help arrange floral tributes and orders of service.


Potential additional cost

For coffins larger than 6’2″ x 20″ there would be an additional £250 charge.

This is due to a bespoke, strengthened coffin being required and additional staffing needs.