Non-Attended Direct Burial

Package available for just £1,095.

This service provides for the simple collection and burial of your loved one with no formal ceremony.
  • Advice and administration – limited service for initial assistance, advice on costs,
    administrating invoices, cemetery/churchyard booking and paperwork, logistical
    arrangements, inform date of service.
  • Bring the deceased into care during normal working hours from a mortuary setting.
  • Care, limited preparation of deceased (simple washing no preparation) and dressed
    in a simple gown,
  • Conveyance to the crematorium in a private ambulance with four bearers
  • Wellbeing and Bereavement support,
  • Carbon Offsetting the cremation of the deceased with a single tree planted in a
    developing world,
  • An eco-friendly coffin, (standard size 6’5” x 23” internal),
  • Provision of a small temporary wooden marker cross.
  • An online memorial page to show service details, collect donations and allow the family to take ownership for the own obituary wording, photos and remembrance.
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