Simple funeral for a child

We are here to help you

Most of our team are parents and none of us can imagine the heartache of loosing a child. We are not just here to provide a funeral service for your child but to help you as well. Arranging a funeral requires a lot of decisions to be made at a time when you are likely not wanting to think about it. Our simple funeral service for a child includes all the essentials you need as standard and at no cost to you.

  • Funeral Director Fees,
  • Bringing your child into our care during normal working hours,
  • Sensitive care and use of chapel,
  • Administration and all charitable donations on your behalf,
  • Wellbeing and Bereavement support,
  • Memorial tree planting in the United Kingdom for the child and the parents,
  • A simple white, blue or pink coffin,
  • Funeral Director, Hearsette and bearers for the day of the service,
  • A small posy floral arrangement
  • An online memorial page to show service details, collect donations and allow the family to take ownership for the own obituary wording, photos and remembrance.

Interested in additional extras?