When Death Occurs

What you need to do when death occurs?

Sometimes a bereavement is sudden and at times may have been expected, either way it can be a very traumatic and confusing experience.

Not knowing what to do, who to talk to or how to deal with it can be overwhelming. Our help is available to you at anytime of the day or night.
Jackson Family Funerals

Loosing someone at home

In the event of a bereavement, the first contact should be to the doctor or nurse who has been treating the person during their last illness. If the death happens out of normal working hours it may not be possible for the doctor to attend, an out of hours doctor or nurse should respond. It may be that the death was expected and that the doctor does not feel it necessary to attend the house, however a person’s death must still be verified before we are able to bring your loved one into our care.

Losing someone in a nursing or care home

The nursing or care home will organise the necessary permissions and contact us immediately. You will need to make the nursing home aware that you would like Jackson Family Funeral Directors to look after the funeral arrangements.
Losing someone in a hospital

Loosing someone in a hospital

When someone passes away in a hospital they are normally cared for in the hospital mortuary. They will rest there until the necessary paperwork has been completed which will then allow us to bring them into our care. Please call us as soon as possible to discuss the necessary procedures in this situation.

If the death was unexpected

Here are a lot of situations in which a death will be called unexpected. The doctor, paramedic or police will report the death to the Coroner. The Coroner will instruct a funeral director to transfer your loved one to the nearest Coroner’s mortuary, you are not obliged to use this funeral director for the funeral arrangements and can select the funeral director of your choice. The Coroner’s procedures do change from time to time. For all advice, please call us at any time.